Pushy sales people put buyers off

carwow has found that 66% of new-car buyers are put off buying from a dealer by a pushy salesperson.

The survey also found that pushy salespeople would put off 77% of women and 60% of men.

Of more than one thousand respondents, 33% – the second largest group – said that dealers not having the car they want available to test-drive caused them to look elsewhere when buying a new model. Following shortly behind, with 31% of people, is dealers refusing to offer a discount on a new model.

Having salespeople that don’t know enough about the cars they’re selling is an annoyance for 30% of buyers, but it’s of far more importance to women than men. Only 26% of men said they’re put off by unknowledgeable salespeople, compared with 36% of women.

Not being served quickly enough and having to haggle fall at the bottom of the list, with 27% and 19% of people respectively, but again there’s some disparity between the sexes. Just 23% of men are put off by long waiting times in a dealership, but that figure is 33% for women.

James Hind, CEO of carwow said, ‘More than ever before consumers are looking for the quickest and most stress-free way of buying things, and many still feel a bit let down by the car-buying experience. We’re seeing more and more people using carwow when they buy their new car, and the reasons we’re hearing from our users all centre around the fact that our service allows them to sidestep many of the gripes marked out in this survey. The dealers using our site are constantly monitored for their performance, so the ones that don’t impress won’t have the opportunity to make offers to our users.’

He continued, ‘What we also see through our users is that there’s also a much more relaxed relationship between salespeople and buyers. Before heading down to the showroom to complete their purchase or test drive the car, a price has already been agreed so there’s none of that tension you might normally have.’