Product: Cromax advertising campaign

Cromax has launched a new advertising campaign that is being rolled out across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The campaign is being delivered in three different visual treatments. The first advertisement – Drive your productivity from the front to the back of the bodyshop – illustrates the stresses on modern, busy bodyshops. The figure, representative of a bodyshop manager and a refinisher, is managing both elements that contribute to a successful and productive business.

Drive your productivity through the roof is the second advertisement. It underscores the importance the role of tailored training and refinishers’ skills play in achieving increased productivity.

The final visual in the campaign – Move your productivity into the fast lane – highlights the many of the highly-productive Cromax products, including the innovative undercoat technology, ValueShade, and the ultra-fast clearcoat, CC6700.

Anthony Cashel, marketing manager for Axalta Coating Systems in the UK and Ireland, said, ‘One of our brand’s ethos is that we deliver to our customers more than what is in the tin of paint. The new advertising campaign reinforces this by highlighting to our bodyshops that everything in our Cromax armoury is developed with bodyshop productivity in mind – whether that is in the spray booth, or outside of it. We help drive bodyshop productivity, so bodyshops can focus on moving their businesses forward.’