PI now ‘survival of the fittest’

The operating environment for personal injury (PI) claims is now a ‘survival of the fittest’ according to Colin Gibson, chief operating officer at Camps Solicitors, a trading name of 2020 Legal Ltd.

Speaking exclusively to bodyshop magazine, Colin said that the current status quo offers a market for good quality PI solicitors working with the industry. ‘The market conditions are much tougher today but with the effective deployment of technology, high efficiencies and quality case handling, the fittest will survive,’ said Colin.

He continued, ‘The big emphasis for us is on quality and to partner with others to help filter out the costly fraud elements the sector has been tarnished with.’

Colin suggested over the past few years the PI claims capture market had been ‘distorted’ by certain entities working to ‘unsustainable economics’. ‘We, like many others, were forced to concede marketshare simply because we did not wish to compete on such terms, and I am pleased to report that decision appears to have been the correct choice for long-term success,’ said Colin.

Discussing the much heralded influence of telematics and vehicle technology on the claims sector, Colin said, ‘Telematics is starting to have some influence by improving driver behaviour but there are still many barriers to overcome before it becomes mainstream.

‘Advanced driver assistance systems, as starting to appear on vehicles, are yet to have a major impact and, I believe is a little way off, but who knows where it will be in 20 years’ time.’