Nationwide Hire supports car sharing

Nationwide Hire is supporting the business car sharing craze, with over 50% of people saying they would share their car if they could find someone suitable.

The phenomenon of car sharing has taken the country by storm. More and more people are looking to share their vehicle with a friend, neighbour or colleague in order to reduce motoring costs.

Those who motor alone spend roughly £1000 annually on petrol compared to car sharers.

Car sharing has experienced a significant growth recently for a myriad of factors; since the 1980’s traffic has increased by over 60%, cars are the biggest source of greenhouse emissions and congestion costs the UK £19bn a year.

There are many benefits to this growing trend. If the average car occupancy was increased by half, this would leave to a one-third fall in traffic. Traffic can also be reduced by nine per cent if there was a 10% rise of car sharers.

What’s more, a rise in car occupancy of 10% would reduce congestion as much as doubling rail usage.

National Lift Sharing Day found that over 10 million cars are travelling every day at rush hour with no passengers – a translation of 38 million free seats on average.

Younger drivers have been found the most likely to team up with other drivers with 18-24-year-old’s giving lifts more than any other age group.

Anita Teague, marketing manager said, ‘With this amount of free spaces on the road, it shows that more people could share their vehicles. Doing so not only saves on greenhouse emissions and eases congestion; it can also lead to a significant monetary saving.

‘With the cost of petrol reaching six month highs in parts of the country, it has never been more beneficial for drivers to share their seats. Studies have shown that there are a vast number of free seats available on our roads, so why not use them?

‘Those who may not want to use their own car or who would like to do more for the environment could consider renting a vehicle.’