Jato and LMC join forces

The exciting new partnership is delighted to announce the launch of their first joint solution – Global Light Vehicle Sales Forecast.

JATO Dynamics and LMC Automotive have today announced a new partnership to deliver a range of innovative solutions that will power planning and decision making for clients across the global automotive sector.

JATO and LMC Automotive share a similar footprint across global markets and as a result can provide a unique level of breadth and depth in their combined intelligence. JATO is renowned for its ability to supply and enhance the value of historical sales and registrations data while LMC Automotive is renowned for the quality of its automotive forecasting services in the areas of vehicle sales, production and powertrain.  Both JATO and LMC Automotive pride themselves on their ability to offer an unrivalled level of personal service and accessibility to clients adding a defining level of value to their products. Both companies offer multi-client and customised services.

The first of these new solutions is the Global Light Vehicle Sales Forecast. Updated monthly and offering monthly forecasts over a seven year time horizon, the new product will cover global passenger and light commercial vehicles (up to six tonnes) broken down by manufacturer, make, vehicle type, segment and model representing 94%of global sales.

Chief executive at JATO, Andy Rothery, commented, ‘We are delighted to partner with such a highly regarded business as LMC Automotive to deliver the first forecast solution in JATO’s portfolio. At JATO, we are committed to continuously adding value to our clients around the world and the Global Light Vehicle Sales Forecast is the latest example of our continued investment in working with like-minded businesses that share our fundamental business ethics of customer focus and delivering the best quality in all that we do.’

Pete Kelly, managing director of LMC Automotive added, ‘We are delighted to now be working closely with JATO. JATO has an unrivalled base of historical sales and registration data with a unique level of detail. The new partnership gives us the opportunity to build on the strengths of both companies bringing together highly complementary activities. This is a major step in the growth of our organisations but, more importantly, it will lead to new services and offerings to clients. The Global Light Vehicle Sales Forecast represents the first of these new solutions.’