Incident management specialist goes digital

Specialist outsource businesses are recognising that the technological market is changing rapidly, and that they must keep pace with change or risk getting left behind.

FMG has committed to investing an additional £1m to further advance their technology offering.

This is a new and multi-faceted investment project, which will take place over the next 12-18 months, to ensure the outsourcing specialist continues to meet its customers’ evolving digital needs. Enhancements will include the launch of an innovative digital driver interface, advanced driver behaviour software and intelligent online portals to provide customers and partners with complete visibility and control of actionable data.

Mark Chessman, managing director of Operations at FMG, said, ‘Traditional customer service models are changing as new technologies play an increasing role in our daily lives. Our customers and drivers are choosing to interact online using desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices to report incidents and track repair progress instantly. We are investing significantly to fundamentally enhance the way we engage with all parties within the incident life-cycle, to create a fully digital end-to end solution, resulting in an effortless driver and customer journey.’

To ensure that FMG’s data, systems and infrastructure are continually improved, the company has recently recruited a new IT director, Evan Ritchie. Evan takes responsibility for further enhancing their service proposition by providing customers, employees and partners with the latest technology within a safe and secure ISO-certified environment. With over 12 years’ experience in leading innovative technological developments within fleet, Evan has a wealth of experience in understanding fleet customers’ technological expectations.

‘Keeping pace with technological change requires holistic strategic investment, not just a basic upgrade. All aspects of our data management structure have been re-evaluated to ensure our technology platform will continue to effectively and efficiently drive all internal services whilst accurately monitoring the total cost of claims for our customers,’ said Mark.