Honda to unveil new HFCV at Tokyo

Honda has announced it will display future mobility solutions, including the global debut of all new fuel cell vehicle (FCV) at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show.

It will be the debut unveiling of the Japanese firm’s all-new fuel cell vehicle, provisionally called the FCV.

Honda’s original technologies have made the tentatively-named FCV, the world’s first production model of a fuel-cell powered saloon to house the entire fuel-cell powertrain in the space normally occupied by the engine and transmission. This powertrain layout has enabled a full cabin package that seats five adults comfortably.

Moreover, the all-new FCV features a cruising range of more than 700 km and Honda is promising an exhilarating driving experience thanks to the cars high-output motors. The Japanese specification FCV can also act as a mobile power plant thanks to its external power feeding inverter, meaning that it will generate and provide electricity to communities in the case of an emergency.

Other concepts on display that address the challenge of future mobility are Honda’s WANDER STAND and WANDER WALKER. Both have been designed to explore the joy and freedom of mobility, and the WANDER WALKER was specifically designed to manoeuvre freely among pedestrians.

Philip Crossman, managing director at Honda UK, commented, ‘The Tokyo Motor Show is the Honda brand’s home turf and we can expect to see some fantastic products on the biggest stand in the show. Honda is unique in that we manufacture everything from a 25cc leaf blower to a $4.5m business jet and it is this depth and breadth of our offering that makes us stand out.

‘We’ve had a fantastic year for new products and innovation and look forward to the next wave arriving into the UK, including the new FCV and all-new NSX.’