Customers choose cost over safety

Car manufacturers who produce cheaper cars over more expensive and safer vehicles are likely to see rises in production levels. OSV Ltd’s report finds adults in the UK are more concerned with the cost and less bothered by safety.

Overall 53% of the UK would pick a car based on the cost rather than its safety ratings or features. By the time adults in the UK reach between the ages of 25-35 this number increases to a whopping 63% and only decreases to 49% by the time adults reach over 65.

The average age most families decide to start having children in the UK is currently set at 30 years old. Growing households and family costs can explain why there is such a huge percentage that would pick cost as the most important factor within that age range. But picking cost over safety is a very worrying thought, especially when families are involved.
On average, 58% of people from Wales were most concerned about the cost of the car, followed closely by 53% from those based in England.

In contrast, 67% of adults who took part from Northern Ireland were more concerned about the safety aspect of the car, followed by 51% from Scotland.

Interestingly, 58% of men put cost as a more important factor. Whereas women, saw a 50/50 split, with an equal amount of women choosing cost and safety.

Recently Dacia have been declared one of the fastest growing manufacturers in the UK, even with the worst safety record. So it seems people really do put a blind eye to safety just to get a cheap car.

To find the results, OSV Ltd surveyed 1,000 participants across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.