Cromax devise range of repair systems

Cromax has devised a range of four repair systems that cover everything from spot repairs to refinishing top of the range, premium vehicles. They have been designed to help refinishers carry out quality repairs using products engineered for fast and accurate application. The different Cromax repair systems can be found on the Cromax website, where refinishers can also view information they need to choose the right products for the right job.

The Universal System is for single panel, multi-panel and overall repairs. It uses a traditional approach with two spray coats of clear and is suitable for repairs that do not require a high-speed process.

The Ultra Productive System is ideal for fast and spot repairs. The range of Ultra Productive products listed on the website enable refinishers to carry out small area repairs quickly and efficiently, with minimal product consumption.

The Performance System is designed for refinishers working on high-end vehicles and new vehicle repairs. The products in the Performance range work together to deliver a brilliant appearance with a high-quality finish. The high-solid clears can be applied in 1.5 coats without flash-off time and a good film build.

The Special Finishes System is for vehicles that have a special paint finish and require particular attention. Whether refinishers are working on a matt finish or refinishing on plastic, Cromax provides the specific products required to match the job.

Anthony Cashel, marketing manager for Axalta Coating Systems in the UK and Ireland, explains ‘the Cromax website has been designed to enable refinishers to make the right choices and maximise productivity. Refinishers can look at the various system options to see what corresponds best to their requirements before starting a job. They can select the relevant type of repair from a drop-down menu, and the appropriate products will be listed, from primer to clear coat. As well as guiding them through the correct system and relevant products, the website also has technical data sheets for all our products, which can be viewed and downloaded.’