British Gas appoints My Green Fleet

My Green Fleet, a subsidiary of FAB Recycling Ltd, is working with British Gas and its partners to supply the energy company’s nationwide vehicles.

My Green Fleet enables British Gas to reduce its carbon impact by removing non-safety parts from premature end-of-life vehicles, and recycling them back into the fleet’s supply chain when required.

My Green Fleet works directly with British Gas repair partner Hitachi Capital, which is responsible for the management of its vehicles from purchase, through to servicing, maintenance and disposal.

The partnership has enabled British Gas to reduce its Co2 emissions, by reusing hundreds of vehicle parts. My Green Fleet’s closed loop vehicle recycling system ensures non-safety parts are responsibly extracted and delivered directly to the fleet’s repair network.

My Green Fleet collects damaged British Gas vehicles from around the country, creates an inventory per vehicle at its Gloucestershire base, and provides fast delivery of parts back to Hitachi Capital on a daily basis.

Jason Cross, managing director of FAB Recycling Ltd, said, ‘High-quality pre-owned parts can greatly reduce the environmental impact of national fleets. As the only carbon neutral vehicle dismantler in the UK, we are extremely proud to support British Gas in achieving its goals.’

Colin Marriott, general manager for fleet at British Gas, said, ‘My Green Fleet is supporting our fleet in a way that is financially sound and environmentally friendly. It has helped to reduce our repair costs and vehicle operational downtime.’

My Green Fleet has been accredited with the ISO14001 environmental standard.