Bosch aims to inspire female engineers

More than 3,000 of the world’s most promising future engineers will take to Silverstone on 9 July for the annual Formula Student competition, an event which Bosch is sponsoring for the eighth year running. Around 10 per cent of Formula Student competitors are female, reflecting industry’s continuing efforts to increase the number of women in engineering.

By 2020, Bosch wants 20 per cent of its worldwide leadership roles to be occupied by women, up from its current level of 12 per cent. To provide women with assistance and support on their career paths, Bosch Group offers special mentoring programs, networks, seminars, and training courses. In total, Bosch invests £135m each year in further training and development.

To support female students looking to break into the industry, the Bosch IngA3 mentoring programme supports women currently studying for technical degrees. The initiative gives female undergraduates academic and practical advice, including which courses to undertake and how to gain work experience.

It is no secret that women are still underrepresented in engineering and it is important that technology companies such as Bosch play their part in nurturing the new talent needed in order to secure the future of our business. Bosch is actively working to redress this balance within the company and believes supporting activities like Formula Student and the IngA3 mentoring scheme will play an important role in developing the talented engineers, both male and female, of the future.

Bosch is a sponsorship partner of Formula Student 2015, which will see 135 teams from 28 countries compete, making it the world’s largest student motorsport event. It challenges engineering students to design, build and race a single-seater racing car in just one year. The competition offers students the opportunity to prove their abilities and to overcome challenges in a team.