Axalta lead discussion at EACC

At the recent European Coatings Conference on Automotive Coatings on 25-25 September in Düsseldorf, Germany, Dr. Klemens Bartmann, global technology director at Axalta Coating Systems, discussed how today’s advanced automotive coatings can favourably affect vehicle performance and fuel economy, benefitting both drivers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The conference focused on automotive performance beyond the engine and how modern coatings can positively affect performance.

Bartmann’s presentation, titled ‘Between Standardisation and Differentiation: How Advanced Coating Solutions Meet OEM Market Trends’, delved into three challenges and solutions for the OEM market: lightweight body materials and low-bake systems, process cost reduction with Axalta’s Harmonised Coatings Technologies™, and colour differentiation and the role of high chroma colours.

‘To protect and to sustain the environment, regulatory requirements and manufacturer initiatives are compelling the automotive industry to reduce emissions and waste, to improve energy consumption and to support higher standards of fuel efficiency,’ said Bartmann.

‘In response, the automotive industry is developing lighter weight vehicle materials. In turn, Axalta is leveraging our extensive refinish and industrial expertise to jointly develop ultra-low cure temperature OEM coating methods for these new substrates.’