AW Repair Group’s app gaining popularity

AW Repair Group’s new mobile app has been downloaded by more than 200 users in the first two weeks since its launch.

The app has also attracted publicity from newspapers local to the group’s four sites and Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership.

Jade Johnson, AW business development, marketing and communication said, ‘We are delighted with the response so far and this is before we have even rolled out our new digital communications with current live customers.’

‘We expect more than 50% of customers, so around 115 per week, will download the app for the claims progress monitoring and retain on their phone for future use.’

The onward benefits of the app include instant QuickQuote for minor repairs and on the scene crash data capture.

‘Seven app users have already utilised QuickQuote and nearly 100 QuickQuotes have been compiled via our website since it went live on that platform six months ago,’ added Jade. ‘Even when QuickQuotes are not converted we see this as an added benefit to the whole brand and future marketing consolidation.’