AW Repair Group launches App

AW Repair Group has launched a mobile device app which includes on-the-scene crash data capture.

More than a year in development, the group’s AW Accident App is now available to download free from the Apple and android market. It offers a range of services including claim tracking, repair process updates and the QuickQuote calculator for minor repairs, which includes the option to send images direct to AW Repair Group’s VDAs for expert help and guidance.

The app also helps guide users through the mind-numbing moment of being involved in an accident. On-the-scene data capture allows users to note accident circumstances, location, weather, other party details, witnesses and photographic evidence.

One touch dialling and the ability to provide feedback and interact via push notifications are also included.

Jade Johnson, AW Repair Group business development, marketing and communications, said, ‘We’re very proud to launch the app. This is part of streamlining our whole customer liaison process.’

Managing director, Andrew Walsh added, ‘Putting AW Repair Group at our customers’ fingertips is another example of how we continuously strive to be innovative and give our customers, and future customers, an all-encompassing holistic approach to accident repair services.’