IMI helps bridge gender gap

As the deadline arrives for businesses to report the differences in pay between men and women, the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI), the professional body for the automotive industry, is looking at the legal complexities around equal pay.  With companies with 250 or more employees being forced to publish their gender pay data under the new Equality Act, the IMI is offering its members legal assistance.

Tom Draper, head of employment law for Taylor & Emmet, said, ‘Whilst the gender pay gap has been slowly closing since equal pay legislation was first introduced in the 1970s the figures published recently by organisations in all areas of the economy, including the motor industry, throw into sharp focus the continuing existence of a gap between the pay of men and women.

‘To ensure employers stay on the right side of the law they may wish to consider performing an equal pay audit in order to assess and manage the risk associated with equal pay claims. This involves comparing the pay of women and men doing equal work, investigating the causes of any gaps in pay, and closing any gaps that cannot be satisfactorily explained.’