Goodyear launches fleet services

With on-demand car sharing and ride hailing services on the rise, The Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Company is introducing its fleet services business model to shared mobility providers to improve urban fleet operations.

Goodyear announced it is launching an advanced tyre maintenance pilot program with STRATIM, a San Francisco-based start-up whose technology platform tracks, monitors and oversees fleet maintenance for tens of thousands of vehicles operated by more than 50 mobility services in more than 25 markets across North America.

‘As shared mobility continues to grow in popularity, we are seeing applications where miles driven per vehicle increase from 15,000 per year to as much as 5,000 per month,’ said Chris Helsel, Goodyear’s chief technology officer. ‘Those increased miles mean increased demand for tyre maintenance and repair, especially when you consider customer expectations for comfort and safety from a mobility service.’

The new program will leverage Goodyear’s proprietary, artificial intelligence technology to help STRATIM’s clients predict when their tyres need service or replacement to improve overall tyre management and maximise uptime across the fleet.

‘Vehicle maintenance and uptime are critical metrics for all mobility services,’ said Sean

Behr, CEO, STRATIM. ‘Companies that can efficiently take care of their cars, minimise costs and be hyper-efficient will be the companies that win in the long run. Goodyear’s tyre maintenance solutions are game changers for the industry.’