Wight move for Fix Auto

Exactly 12 months after opening their second bodyshop in Bournemouth, Fix Auto Portsmouth owners Terry and Chris Clemens are investing a further £260,000 to develop their third site.

The brothers, who opened their first Fix & Go express repair facility in Bournemouth last November, are currently transforming a vacant building in the centre of Cowes into what will be known as Fix Auto Fix & Go Isle of Wight. They are working to have the bodyshop operational before Christmas.

Terry and Chris made the decision to develop the 4,000sqft bodyshop following requests by a number of their insurer clients for them to develop repair capacity on the island.

Terry said, ‘Our bodyshops in Portsmouth and Bournemouth are already repairing vehicles from the Isle of Wight and, as you can imagine, the logistics required to accommodate this can divert resources from our core operations and there can be issues. While our new Isle of Wight bodyshop is not expected to be a large throughput operation, that’s not our goal with this site. We have simply listened to the needs of our insurer clients and delivered a solution and that means opening a first-class Fix & Go site on the island.’

Ian Pugh of Fix Auto, said, ‘What Terry and Chris are achieving on the south coast of England is impressive. Having set up their business during the late 1990’s, they joined the Fix Auto network in 2013 and have since quickly and confidently expanded. Developing a repair centre on the Isle of Wight is a bold move and has to be applauded, especially as they are delivering a solution to support direct requests from our insurer clients.’