Trio team-up for security

Audatex, Autoflow and Vizion have joined forces for a new initiative designed to enhance information security.

The three UK entities, representing estimating systems, bodyshop management systems and network management have combined their resources to analyse future security threats and share solutions. Based on in-depth analysis, they have been working on a series of system and process enhancements that they believe will be beneficial to repairer partners, but also all other parties associated to deliver immediate security benefits.

Initially, the group will look to eliminate the risk generated by the unencrypted transfer of files between systems.

The use Audatex, in nearly all cases, results in a file transfer into a bodyshop management system. Currently this is handled using a ‘plain text or flat file format’, which is to say it requires no special software to open and read. This leads to potential abuse by interested parties as a copy can be taken from any number of penetration points along the process. The first change will be to encrypt this file format between Audatex and AutoFlow for all Vizion repairers, which will begin in March. The group expect all repairers to be transferred across shortly after March.

In most cases, there will be no action required by any repairer, and changes will be carried out remotely. All development work and associated costs have been met, and will continue to be met by Audatex, Autoflow and Vizion. For the avoidance of doubt, no costs will be passed onto the repairer partners.

Chris McKie, managing director, Vizion Network Ltd commented, ‘We have spent a lot of time discussing the future of integrated systems and processes with AutoFlow and Audatex. Making sure that this initiative remains agile and provides a robust future proofed model, is something that will complement our strategies and work seamlessly with our own Cortex and Nucleus systems.’

Paul Sykes, regional managing director at Audatex said, ‘By working in collaboration with these two other major players, we can finally bring about a new era where data management and privacy are possible for bodyshops of all sizes. In preparation for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that is set to come into force in May 2018, our industry needs to be ready, and this announcement will be good news for all.’