Running for charity

Dave Sargeant, managing director of Gemini, is running the London Marathon this year to raise funds for Leukaemia Care.

He said, ‘I have been lucky enough to have been given a place with a charity close to my heart, Leukaemia Care, which supports people with blood cancer. I unfortunately lost my sister Jane to Leukaemia 20 years ago and the thought of being able to give something back to the people who helped her with her battle is a good feeling.

‘I have set an online page up of which you can donate directly onto. If you could help with any amount you can afford it will be gratefully received.’

Dave also ran the London Marathon last when he and Phil Coleman raised an incredible £8,187 for St Richard’s Hospice.

Meanwhile, bodyshop magazine deputy editor Alan Feldberg is also running the London Marathon in support of WWF.

He said, ‘I’ve done a few half marathons before but never gone further than that, so this is a bit into the unknown. It’s for a cause I really believe in though, so I can’t wait.’

To support either charity, please go to: