Borough meets German standards

Injection moulding and chrome plating specialists Borough is strengthening ties with manufacturers and suppliers across Europe in a bid to tap into the German automotive market.

As part of this, quality manager Aamir Chaudhry has recently secured auditor qualifications for the German automotive industry trade association Verband der Deutschen Automobilindustrie (VDA).

He said, ‘This is an important step for a small member of the automotive supply chain like Borough. The VDA 6.3 standard has been restructured significantly to reflect changes to the ISO9001 standard, whilst considering the specific requirements of the automotive industry.

‘Many of our moulded and chrome plated components ultimately adorn some of the biggest marques in the German automotive sector and they insist all their direct suppliers hold the VDA 6.3 qualification.

‘The standard defines a process based audit standard for evaluating and improving controls in a manufacturer’s processes. Borough will use the standard for internal process audits, but it will help enormously in our bid to win new contracts, particularly with the powerful German OEM sector.

‘Possessing the VDA 6.3 qualification not only makes it easier for Borough to supply to German automakers, maintaining higher quality standards than required to meet TS16949, but help us improve our quality to the benefit of all our customers. It was definitely worth the hard work and the sleepless nights.’

Borough’s managing director David Coombes, added, ‘Given the increasingly competitive nature of the automotive sector supply chain, it’s important for businesses like Borough to constantly improve and increase the quality of our products.

‘Aamir’s qualification demonstrates our commitment to quality and our desire to continue supplying components to German car manufacturers, here in the UK and across Europe.

‘There can be little doubt the German automotive industry is recognised for following a growth strategy based on high standards, developing brands renowned for high performance, high quality and the best production values.

‘It’s important we do not rest on our laurels, but look to improve on our already impressive quality to ensure whatever happens to the sector post-Brexit, Borough is in a position to remain an important supplier to the German automotive manufacturing sector.’