Anchor Vans to double in size

The UK’s largest van hypermarket, Anchor Vans, is preparing to double in size by developing a new 2.5-acre site next to its base on the A4 near Reading.

The business’ proposed regeneration of a landfill site at Padworth will dramatically reduce its carbon footprint by finding a permanent onsite home for its valeting services.

Managing director, Simon Joyce, said, ‘We are always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the local community and the environment. This exciting new project will reduce the number of vehicle movements between sites by approximately 120 journeys a week.’

At 28 years old, Anchor Vans regularly delivers all makes and models of new and used vehicles to as far as Edinburgh and the Channel Islands. It buys in excess of 60 vans a week. The new site would also mean that its vehicle suppliers could unload away from the busy A4.

Expansion has been part of Anchor Vans’ vision for a decade. Its original site at Tadley – still owned and used today – was just the beginning for the family business. When plans go ahead, increased business operations are also set to create more jobs in the locality.

Anchor Vans’ website and over the phone ordering service is built on creating peace of mind for all customers. With the new location up and running, visitors to the existing site at Padworth will also benefit from the increase in stock that the extra space allows.