Tesla on track with deliveries

Tesla Motors Inc delivered 17,400 vehicles during the fourth quarter of 2015, in line with its forecasts, and a total of 50,580 for the year.

The California-based company, headed by chief executive, Elon Musk delivered about 75% more of its Model S than during the same period of the previous year, Tesla said.

Deliveries of Tesla’s new electric sports utility vehicle, the Model X, are also ‘in line’ with the company’s early stages of production, the company said. Tesla delivered its first Model X in September 2015. Tesla was producing 238 Model X vehicles per week by the last week of 2015, the company stated.

The all-wheel drive Model X, which includes two electric motors, is capable of traveling about 250 miles (about 400 km) on a single charge and seats seven people.

Source: Reuters