Repair Link upgrades systems

Repair Link has completed an upgrade of its operating system which it claims ‘gives even greater control over performance and targets’.

Recognising the rising need for complete insight and control over the cost of accident repair management, Repair Link implemented a sophisticated automated measuring programme that can be applied on independent targets based on client requirements in any particular area.

The new system is proving invaluable for Repair Link and its clients allowing for a much more analytical approach in both operations and benchmarking.

Jason Ingham, managing director of Repair Link said, ‘Using our bespoke system, we can give our network of independent repairers the performance and monitoring tools that they sometimes may not have access to on their own back office system. This information, coupled with the benchmarking against other like repairers enables us to help them improve on their own business models and enables us to work with them in any potential areas of concern.’