Nissan revamps sharing concept

Nissan is pioneering new, digital-first shared car ownership service which it claims is set to transform the traditional car sharing industry.

Nissan Intelligent Get & Go Micra, revealed by Nissan chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal, will give people the possibility to part-own a brand new Nissan Micra.

Social networking is at the heart of this plan, as Nissan is able to profile-match consumers to form next-generation car sharing communities through a 100% digital experience.

Launching initially in the Paris area later this year, cars are expected on the road by April 2017. The service, based on a unique algorithm that uses social profiling and geo-localisation technology, will match compatible owners with complementary driving needs to form a digital, shared ownership community. Bespoke monthly invoicing will be based on car usage.

Carlos Ghosn said, ‘We are moving toward a future where car usage may be more flexible, social and shared. At Nissan, we’re pioneering new ways to allow drivers to enjoy the freedom and financial benefits of shared car ownership. And there is no better vehicle to launch this programme than the all-new Micra, which embodies the vision of Nissan Intelligent Mobility.’

This new service is borne out of Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility vision, which provides a framework for how cars are powered, driven, and integrated into society, all while staying focused on creating more enjoyable driving experiences.