New appointments make Infiniti fleet-footed

Infiniti UK has announced two new appointments to support sales growth during 2016 of 180%.

Jonathan Reynolds has joined the team as head of fleet sales, while Paul Grimsley has joined in a new role dedicated to looking after re-marketing, residual values and service, maintenance and repair (SMR).

Director Barry Beeston said, ‘To ensure we maintain our service levels during this period of growth and also enable us to grow further we have been working hard to employ some of the best people in the industry, all with many years of experience that will enable us to offer a first class service in this unique market place. It’s fundamental that we have specialists who understand the market and a dedicated team to cover the specific areas of fleet, giving potential customers the confidence to purchase our product.

‘We are announcing the changes being made within the fleet department but further staff members will be joining the Infiniti team soon, to ensure we have the right people in the right places to serve all areas of the business, including retail sales and marketing.’

Jonathan added, ‘I feel it is a key time for me to join Infiniti and head up their fleet department, just as the product range is starting to penetrate into several areas of the fleet market place. The company clearly has some strong ambitions to be a serious player in the premium fleet market place and I am pleased to be involved with this challenge.’