Hydrogen car ready to make a splash

A new two-seater hydrogen cell powered car intended to help eliminate ‘the environmental impact of personal transport’ will be displayed at the new London Motor Show, taking place at Battersea Park from 5-8 May.

Built in Wales, the Riversimple RASA is a lightweight network electric car powered by innovative hydrogen fuel cell technology. It has reached more than 60mph in testing in both London and Wales.

Its carbon fibre monocoque chassis weighs less than 40kg – the prototype weights 580kg – and it’s driven by electric motors in each wheel.

Riversimple said, ‘It is the synthesis of all these technologies that delivers the groundbreaking efficiency and range, many times better than inserting fuel cells into conventional, heavy, vehicles.’

The production prototype should do around 250 mpg, with a range of 300 miles. Emissions are zero at the tailpipe and about 40gCO2/km Well-to-Wheel – even if the hydrogen comes from natural gas.