Ebay joins Silverstone Classic

eBay will be joining the Silverstone Classic (29-31 July) for the first time, as the official parts and accessories partner.

The significant collaboration will add yet another crowd-pleasing component to this summer’s staging of the world’s biggest historic motor racing festival. Demonstrating that eBay is a premier destination for car parts, show-goers will be able to follow the live restoration of a 1982 classic Range Rover over the three-day event.

Hosted by eBay, Restoration Live with Fergus Walkinshaw will guide the crowd through every step of the project as they renovate the iconic first-generation Range Rover using only items bought from eBay.

Murray Lambell, eBay’s director of retail car parts and accessories, said, ‘We love Silverstone Classic.  It attracts everyone from the highly experienced restorer right through to people who simply just love their car – just like eBay does – so it’s a great event for us to be part of.

‘With such a huge selection of products Fergus and the team will easily find everything they need when they restore the Range Rover. eBay can help with everything from an everyday replacement part – to a rare component in a classic restoration.’