Drive Assist director disqualified

The National Association of Bodyshops (NAB) has been notified by the Insolvency Service that Christopher Wright, a former Drive Assist director, has been disqualified from acting as a director for 13 years.

In the three years since the Drive Assist collapse, NAB has been working with the Insolvency Service to ensure that the directors are brought to account.

Frank Harvey, head of the NAB said, ‘The findings of the Insolvency Service and, in turn, the severity of Mr Wright’s punishment, is a clear indication of the complicit roles that have been played in the misrepresentation of the financial stability of Drive Assist UK Ltd.

‘NAB hopes that it is an obvious deterrent to anybody who may be intent on abusing the professionalism and good nature of our members and the wider body repair community in future.’

Moving forward, NAB’s goal is to ensure that the body repair sector is protected from any similar incidents that may arise in future, and stated, ‘we will continue to work behind the scenes on this issue until all of the directors of Drive Assist have been held accountable for their actions’.

Drive Assist collapsed in December 2012 owing a reported £30.5m to body repairers across the UK.