BEN’s Main man to retire

David Main, chief executive of BEN, will retire from the organisation in July 2016.

David has led BEN’s executive management board since 2009, and has been instrumental in its progress. He is credited with overseeing the restructure and expansion of the support services function, enabling BEN to help many more people from the automotive sector – and their dependents – with a broad range of support and care needs.

Robin Woolcock, president and chair of the board of trustees at BEN, said, ‘It is no exaggeration to say David has been the major driving force behind the success and transformation of BEN in recent years.

‘His financial background has proved invaluable as BEN transitioned from its 100-year-old legacy to the modern multi-faceted, not for profit organisation we are today. These achievements would not have been possible without David’s business acumen and extensive experience across many different market sectors, putting in place measures to make us far more financially durable and securing our long-term stability.’

David leaves BEN in July, and says his tenure has seen big changes, including the development of the new, award-winning integrated Lynwood Care Centre and Retirement Village. ‘I am very proud of overseeing the work at Lynwood. This integrated facility answers a real need for the wider community, and is a model I firmly believe will become more common in the future, helping solve problems of isolation, loneliness and ongoing care for the elderly.

‘It was fantastic to be a part of the design and build of this new complex and to see the positive effect it has had on our residents and care team.’

BEN has appointed Zara Ross as the new chief executive officer, due to take office following David’s retirement in July. Zara joins the organisation from her current role as director of transformation and development with the St Monica Trust in Bristol and has a wealth of experience in the care sector.