Aviva swerves £3m in fraudulent claims

Aviva saved more than £3m last year by avoiding fraudulent claims and policies through screening all cases at the point of application.

Using the detection tool ‘Hunter’, it claims to have detected scam activities in nearly 2,200 commercial motor insurance policies.

Tom Gardiner, Aviva’s head of fraud, said, ‘We were able to avoid the policies and avoid fraudulent claims worth more than £3m. In 2015 we identified over 11,000 instances of personal motor application fraud. By screening all of our commercial and personal motor business we are slamming those doors shut, protecting our brokers and genuine customers, and keeping premiums low for innocent motorists.’

Hunter works by screening key underwriting data such as company name, address and vehicles to be covered, against shared and proprietary Aviva databases, identifying suspicious or dishonest features or behaviour such as undisclosed information.

Aviva claims Hunter helped it to block a large-scale application fraud ring, and also found examples of people previously denied a policy who had then set up a fake company to insure their vehicles under a commercial motor product to hide their identity.