ChromaVision enables accurate matching

Following the worldwide social media debate over the colour of a dress, Cromax is ensuring refinishers can accurately colour match with its digital Cromax spectrophotometer – ChromaVision.

Visually matching colours can be tricky, even under the best circumstances. Refinishers are under pressure to choose a colour formula that, to them, looks closest to the vehicle colour they’re repairing. They have to rely on what they see, and how they see it. But thanks to the advanced digital Cromax spectrophotometer ChromaVision, refinishers can have wholly accurate colour readings to help ensure an invisible repair.

Anthony Cashel, marketing manager for Axalta Coating Systems in the UK and Ireland, said, ‘The furore on social media over the last few days about the colour of a dress has underscored two very pertinent points for the refinish industry. First, just how hard visually identifying colours can be, and second, that people perceive colours very differently. Of course, refinishers don’t have to worry about accidently repairing a white car with blue paint, but when it comes to distinguishing between extraordinarily subtle, but ultimately hugely different, hues, tones and effect, those two principles still apply. ChromaVision does away with the need to match painted colour chips visually; it measures the exact colour of the paint.’

Once the colour reading is complete, ChromaVision then selects the closest colour formula based on pre-set search criteria that are entered by the refinisher. The handheld compact device’s internal light source also means colour matching can take place in the bodyshop without the need for natural light.

Anthony said, ‘The technology behind ChromaVision produces such accurate colour measurements that refinishers shouldn’t have to worry about costly rework due to poor colour matches. Simply connect ChromaVision to the relevant software, and its data is fed to the scales. Refinishers can rest easy knowing it will be the exact colour of the vehicle. But I can’t guarantee it would work on a dress.’

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