White remains car colour of choice

Axalta Coating Systems has revealed that white, black and grey remained the three most popular colour choices in the automotive industry last year.

Its 70th annual Global Automotive Color Popularity Report, first published in 1953, is the industry’s longest running and most comprehensive coloor account.

Robert Schnell, vice president, global sales and product management, Axalta, said: “Today’s vehicles are more vibrant than ever. For example, compared to the white colour variations of the 1950s, these whites are brighter and beam with iridescent flakes. Together vehicles in white, black, grey, and silver add up to 82% of cars on the road today.”

Globally, white shades held the lead (34% total) with pearlescent whites at 14% popularity and solid whites at 20%. Next, deep black colours total 21% of vehicles on the road while 19% of all cars on the road are grey.

Meanwhile, blue (eight per cent), red (five per cent) and green (one per cent) were also popular colour choices.