Synetiq unveils site updates

Synetiq has announced several strategic updates to its real estate footprint, intended to  help streamline operations for the combined IAA and Synetiq business and create improved operational efficiency and cost savings for customers.

To help meet growing demand, additional dismantling capacity is being integrated into the Gloucester facility. The number of dismantling ramps has doubled with the creation of a second dismantling department. The on-site warehouse and storage building has been revamped with the installation of racking.

Meanwhile, Newark has been recommissioned to provide additional capacity and is now open to buyers and the Glasgow, Red Lodge and Stafford sites have also been expanded to double capacity at each location and create efficiencies in the processing of vehicles.

Tom Rumboll, UK managing director for IAA and CEO of Synetiq, said: “We are very pleased with the strategic footprint Synetiq provides and will continue working closely to enhance our operational strategy and make appropriate business improvements.

“Our company is consistently improving and streamlining the way we work to create the best possible experience for our customers and clients, and our property footprint is a key part of this. I’m really pleased to enhance our coverage and increase our capacity while reducing CO2 emissions.”