Oxa enters US market

Autonomous vehicle software developer Oxa is entering the US market through a new partnership with Beep, which provides autonomous shared mobility solutions.

The partnership will see Oxa’s autonomy software installed in a variety of vehicle types operated by Beep, starting with a fleet of autonomous and electric shuttles which will be driven by Oxa Driver.

Oxa Driver combines sensor data from cameras, lidar and radar, and uses AI to accurately sense and predict changes to the vehicle’s environment while learning from previous journeys.

Gavin Jackson, CEO at Oxa, said: “This marks a significant step forward for Oxa and the future of self-driving technology. Through partnering with Beep, we have the potential to drive several thousand vehicles over the coming years to make Oxa software the most widely utilised AV platform on the planet.”

Joe Moye, CEO at Beep, said: “Oxa’s self-driving software, integrated with our command centre and service management software, provides a safe and sophisticated autonomous solution that will enhance our passenger experience and operational capabilities, making more accessible, true autonomous use cases a near-term reality.”