Industry casts doubt on EV timelines

Shifting to pure electric vehicle production within current legislative times is not possible, according to more than half of respondents to a new global survey.

The research, commissioned by ABB Robotics and leading industry publication Automotive Manufacturing Solutions, revealed that 59% of respondents expressed concerns around adapting to a new battery supply chain, high levels of investment required, shortages of raw materials, and a lack of infrastructure and grid capacity.

Although 28% said the deadlines were achievable, 18% believed the present targets would never be met. Only 11% believed that all regional targets for EV adoption by 2030-2040 were realistic.

Adapting to a new battery supply chain was cited as a key barrier by 19% of respondents, while 16% had concerns over investment levels. Meanwhile, the lack of charging infrastructure was the single biggest constraint to EV adoption for more than a quarter (26%) of those surveyed, while 17% highlighted high vehicle prices as the principal barrier to EV growth.

Joerg Reger, managing director of ABB Robotics Automotive Business Line, said: “The automotive industry is acutely aware of the stresses and strains involved in meeting the proposed regional timetables for reaching full EV production.”