Fix Auto Penzance installs EV chargers

Fix Auto Penzance has installed a bank of electric car chargers available to colleagues and customers alike.

Directors Stuart and Joel Cameron have installed two 40 KW fast charge DC units along with a 20 KW AC fast charger that EV drivers can access without any cost to the business.

Joel Cameron said: “EVs are the future for motoring. Like many bodyshops, we’re seeing more and more come through the workshop and on the roads driven by locals and tourists. A lot of those who come to us often need charging so we decided to looking into providing our facilities but we were concerned that they’ll cost the business money to run.

“When we discovered there are charging units available that pushes that payment onto the user it became obvious that not only did we need to install them, but we could make them available to the public too,  especially as there’s only a handful in the town and only one of those is a fast charger.”

According to Zapmap, the generic map pin-pointing EV chargers in Penzance, there’s only a single fast charging unit in Penzance located at a town centre car park along with several pairs of slow chargers within a five-mile radius of the popular tourist destination including caravan parks. The only other single fast charger in the region can be found at the Lands End visitor centre.