EV services up to a third cheaper

New research has found that electric vehicles are up to a third cheaper to service than petrol, diesel and hybrids.

According to BookMyGarage, servicing an EV costs an average of £103, compared to £163 for diesel, £159 for hybrids and £151 for petrol cars.

Furthermore, overall average maintenance bills are up to 43% cheaper for EVs compared to other fuel types. A key reason for lower EV servicing costs is that there are fewer moving parts and therefore less work is required during a typical service compared to ICE vehicles.

Jessica Potts, head of marketing at BookMyGarage, said: “The nature of EV powertrains not requiring engine oil changes, fuel filters, air filters or spark plugs means that servicing an electric vehicle requires less labour and fewer replacement parts and fluids, helping to lower costs for motorists.

“That said, servicing is still essential for EVs from a safety perspective, so the throughput of vehicles in workshops and the business opportunity for garages should remain similar to ICE vehicles – much of the cost saving is from fewer replacement parts rather than a reduction in labour.”