EV drivers stuck in charging gridlock

The Department for Transport plans to install more than 300,000 electric vehicle charging points by the end of the decade, after it was revealed that drivers waited for more than three hours to charge their cars during the festive period.

A lack of rapid and ultra-rapid charge points on UK motorways meant there were long delays at service stations as drivers tried to visit friends and family this Christmas,

According to data from Zap Map, there are currently only 6,712 rapid and ultra-rapid charging devices available to the more than 420,000 EV owners in the UK.

With just over seven years until the 2030 deadline, infrastructure and continued commitment from the government will be key to more of the public making the switch to EVs. However, the UK’s rollout of EV chargepoints had stalled with the government well short of its initial target for new EV installations.

To catch up with its target, it will need to ramp up monthly installations by over 350%.