Europcar signs up to GreenFleet EV Rally

Europcar Mobility Group UK & Ireland has signed up to the GreenFleet EV Rally: The Capital City Challenge.

Starting on 3 July, participants will cover more than 1,200 miles and visit each of the capital cities of the UK and Ireland.

The Europcar team has partnered with VW Group to put a range of electric vehicles to the test.

Mark Newberry, Europcar Mobility Group UK Sustainability spokesperson said: “We know that many motorists are still unsure about electric motoring – whether it’s the cost of the vehicle, cost of charging or access to chargers. We are, therefore, excited to be involved in an event that will deliver insight into the electric motoring experience – warts and all.  The key is to learn from the experience to help motorists and businesses get on board with the government’s decarbonisation ambitions.”

The route of the EV Rally will cover a vast range of landscapes and charging options, providing a valuable opportunity to understand how the UK and Ireland’s charging infrastructure works for real-world long-distance driving. Drivers will use a combination of charging facilities, including mainstream charging stations, hotels and business sites.

Newberry said: “The EV Rally gives us the opportunity to raise the profile of electric vehicles and demonstrate that they really are a viable mode of transport for many private motorists and businesses.”