In-cabin safety lagging behind

A new survey had revealed what drivers consider to be the most important aspects of in-cabin safety, and how it impacts driver behaviour.

The survey has been conducted by 4D imaging radar company Vayyar, which develops next-generation platforms for in-cabin safety and ADAS. It assessed consumer sentiment around topics including occupant monitoring, privacy, driver experience, child protection, and airbag injuries, as well as the cutting-edge applications that address them.

Participants from Germany, Japan, South Korea, the UK, and the U.S cited safety as a top three factor across the board, regardless of household income.

In all geos surveyed, almost two thirds of respondents stated that they would pay extra for enhanced in-cabin safety features, rising to 70% for those with young children or grandchildren. Meanwhile, 84% of respondents feel that in-cabin safety lags far behind ADAS, despite affordable technologies being available for passenger protection.

Respondents in every age group also noted that they would be more likely to purchase a vehicle with improved in-cabin safety features such as smart airbags, Child Presence Detection, and enhanced Seat Belt Reminders. A clear majority stated that Child Presence Detection systems should come as standard in new cars to prevent ‘hot car’ incidents, with many saying they would be more likely to consider a car that comes with this lifesaving feature.