Ezi-Methods rallies to Gemini support

Ezi-Methods has been supporting Gemini Bristol’s entry in this year’s AutoRaise Rally.

The rally got under way this week and followed a three-day route through the Midlands and Wales.

Ezi-Methods, the leading provider of vehicle repair methods, has held a long-standing relationship with the entire Gemini Accident Repair Group. As part of its support, its colours are emblazoned across the Citroen C1 which has been transformed from a tired machine to one fit for the annual rally by first-year apprentice Courtney Roberts.

Ben Cardy, commercial director for Ezi-Methods, said: “Gemini has long been a key and highly valued customer of ours. AutoRaise is such a worthy cause which is reflected by the calibre of those who take time out of their busy schedules to take part in the Rally. Sponsoring Bristol’s entry is the least we could do.”

Dan said: “Ezi-Methods is the go-to provider of repair methods in our book. I know as my time as Gemini’s apprentice training co-ordinator its user-friendly interface made our lives, and especially our apprentices’ lives, a whole lot easier when challenged. Taking part in the AutoRaise Rally is a privilege.”