Car thefts up nearly a quarter

Vehicle theft has risen by 22% in the last year, according to data released by Statista. It found the cost of living is contributing to the rising incidents.

In response, motorists are doing more to protect themselves, with searches for ‘prevent car theft’ soaring by 156% in the past week alone. Your Parking Space research has revealed that searches increased most Edinburgh, rising by 800%, while other areas of the country that saw large jumps included the City of London (300%), Liverpool (200%), and Derby (100%).

Harrison Woods, CEO at YourParkingSpace , said: “People are finding parts of life to be difficult right now, and the last thing anybody needs on top of other stresses is their car being stolen. However, no parking space, personal home, building, or person is 100% safe from crime. It’s an unfortunate fact of the world we live in. Yet there are various steps you can follow to make it harder for thieves to target your vehicle.”

It advised drivers to ensure doors and windows are locked, valuables are safely hidden from view, spare keys are kept in a safe place, cars are parked in a safe and visible location, anti-theft devices are installed, and car alarms are activated.