Tesco top of the shops for EV charging

Tesco has topped the supermarket charts for charging points.

A new survey by Electrifying.com found that 45% of its stores have charging points. Morrisons was second with 40% of its stores providing EV charging points. At Asda the ratio is less than one in five (19.71%) while at Lidl it is 15%, Aldi 10% and Sainsbury’s is just 7.2%.

Ginny Buckley, founder of Electrifying.com, said: “We expected more supermarkets to be doing better, but it’s still great to see how some of them have recognised that offering shoppers reliable car charging is not only good for business but will also help give the nation confidence to make the switch.

“With electric cars surging in popularity and ambitious government targets to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, providing charging infrastructure at convenient locations is crucial to encourage drivers to go electric sooner, particularly the significant number that don’t have access to off-street parking.