Research reveals UK collision stats

New research has revealed that accident frequency is greater in urban areas than rural, but the intensity of accidents is not as severe.

The study, conducted by Moneybarn, also identified the most dangerous roads in the UK, with roads in Kent, Surrey, Birmingham, Essex and Hampshire topping the list.

The research found that there are twice as many accidents in built up areas than the in the countryside. It revealed that 44.5% of accidents take place of A roads, with 34.4% taking place on smaller, local roads. Just 3.2% of accidents occur on motorways, with 15.8% on dual carriageways.

The study also found that 58.9% of accidents take place within the 21-30mph bracket, compared to just three per cent of accidents happening on roads with a 61-70mph speed limit.

In terms of frequency, Department of Transport figures revealed that there were 3,619 accidents in Kent in 2019. Surrey was second with 2,964 accidents while there were 2,632 in Birmingham in the same period.