Rachel Murray talks custom paint

More and more people are looking for their cars to stand out and what better way to do that than with a full custom colour paint hue. bodyshop Awards 30 under 30 winner Rachel Murray discusses the start to finish of the custom colour journey.

When tasked with a full custom colour change on a vehicle, I first look at the shape of the vehicle and look to uncover the reason for the colour change. I’ll sit down with the customer and go through why they want the colour changed: Is it for a business vehicle? Is it a show vehicle? Or is it just to stand out from the crowd? Once I know why they’re changing the colour, I can look to make recommendations. I then need to establish which colour shades and finishes will suit the car’s shape best.

I can’t stress enough how important it is for us, as painters, to take the shape of a vehicle’s panels into consideration. If, for example, the customer fancies a “colour shift” spray job but the panels on the vehicle are flat, without any obvious haunches or curves for the light to bounce off, then the drama that a multi-tone, colour shift creates is wasted. That chameleon look can only be successfully achieved on a vehicle that has lots of curves and angles that light can reflect off of.

To read more, visit bodyshop‘s July issue.