CAPS reports significant volume increase

CAPS has reported a sharp rise in both unique claims and supply chain transmissions in the week ending 24 April.

It found that unique claims rose eight per cent on the previous week, while supply chain transmissions enjoyed double-digit growth, increasing by 10% on the last seven days.

The new figures are now 92% for unique claims and 102% for supply chain transmissions, measured against the peak of claims recorded across the CAPS platform in the first week of November 2020.

Measured against pre-pandemic volumes for the week ending 14 February 2020, unique claims are at 60% while supply chain transmissions are at 95%.

One of the factors contributing to these increases is the exchanging of claims reported during the double bank holidays around Easter, along with the releasing of restrictions in England.

CAPS commercial manager Kevern Thompson said: “We have reported another week of increase measured in both unique claims and supply chain transmissions, with unique claims edging towards the peak period measurement of 7 November 2020, and transmissions now exceeding the same peak point.

“Given that we can see volumes starting to rise we have taken the decision to now start measuring the analysis against the pre-pandemic measurement, which we recorded as being week ending 14 February 2020. The current unique exchanged claims are tracking back to this figure at 60% of pre pandemic volumes.”

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