CAPS celebrates global security standard

The secure data exchange platform CAPS has successfully passed the rigorous Type 1 Service Organisation Control (SOC2) security examination.

This is a significant milestone in a year that has seen CAPS continue to grow rapidly, both in terms of numbers of users and transacting claims over the platform.

SOC2 is a globally recognised assessment of information security policies and procedures. It ensures that the CAPS® platform follows strict international protocols encompassing the security, availability, processing, integrity, and confidentiality of customer data.

David Neave, chair of the CAPS National Advisory Council, said, “We are delighted to have passed the SOC2 examination for the second time. It is a truly global standard that is essential in an international vehicle supply and repair ecosystem.

“Data security is essential as the CAPS community embraces new stakeholders. It is essential that we demonstrate that we are addressing the cybersecurity concerns of the market in the most robust and complete way and achieving SOC2 brings certainty and peace of mind.

“Every day, CAPS processes thousands of transactions relating to hundreds of motor claims. This level of data transfer will only increase as more businesses join CAPS and more claims are processed over the platform. SOC2 means that CAPS processes and controls are robust, keeping customers in control of their data.”