Price war at petrol pumps

It’s not all bad news surrounding car fuel this week as Asda has knocked 2p a litre off the price of petrol across the country, promising that no matter where the station is no one will now pay more than 105.7p a litre for petrol or 107.7p a litre for diesel.

‘This is yet more good news for petrol car drivers who have enjoyed prices coming down in August as a result of a barrel of oil staying around or below $50 since the end of July,’ said RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams.

‘It’s very encouraging to see savings in wholesale petrol being quickly passed on to motorists at the pump.’

The last few times Asda has cut prices the other supermarkets have swiftly followed.

‘Asda’s latest cut should also have the very positive effect of reducing prices from other retailers around the country,’ added Williams.

‘Hopefully this will drive the average price of a litre of unleaded down well below its current level of 111p, back towards the six-year average low of 106p a litre we saw in January.’