Drift Bridge grows courtesy fleet

Surrey-based VW and Audi dealer group, Drift Bridge, has increased the capacity of its bodyshop courtesy fleet by a fifth since utilising Accident Exchange’s onward mobility provisions.

For the past four years, Accident Exchange has supplied customers of Drift Bridge with an equivalent vehicle should they be involved in a non-fault accident, freeing Drift Bridge’s own loan car fleet for other requirements.

The success of the partnership has resulted in a third new two-year contract, set to continue until at least May 2017. Accident Exchange’s high levels of customer service and training have also been praised by the dealerships.

Accident Exchange has been the sole supplier of onward mobility to Drift Bridge customers since the business made the decision to offer accident management services in 2011.

Philip Cue, Managing Director of Drift Bridge Group commented: ‘Accident Exchange’s service has proven to be beneficial for customers and the business alike.’

‘For customers involved in non-fault accidents, having access to Accident Exchange’s fleet reduces the pressure on our loan cars while their car is with us for repairs. Drift Bridge loan cars can now be reserved for customers requiring minor repairs, non-insurance work or repairs following an ‘at-fault’ accident.’

‘Overall we have seen loan car availability increase by 20% which helps to ensure that our bodyshop loan car fleet runs efficiently and that our customers are kept on the move, even at the busiest times.’