Brake – ‘Engage youth in road safety’

Brake, the road safety charity, is urging the people of Northern Ireland to improve road safety in their communities by attending a training course to help them spread vital road safety messages to young people.

Brake is working hard to improve young peoples’ road safety in Northern Ireland through the charity’s highly acclaimed campaign work. On Tuesday 15 September 2015 they will be running a course in Newry, County Down.

Educators, community campaigners, driving instructors, emergency services personnel and young people themselves are invited to attend the course on St Mary Street, which provides attendees with the tools to deliver engaging and innovative training on road safety to people between the ages of 11 and 25. Delivered by an experienced trainer, this essential course includes information on how to engage young people in road safety, key educational messages, and interactive activities for communicating safety information.

Course attendees are shown how to run discussion-based workshops around six core principles of road safety, asking young people to drive:

  • Slow – within speed limits
  • Sober – free from alcohol or drugs
  • Sharp – not tired, ill or with poor eyesight
  • Silent – with phone switched off and out of reach
  • Secure – belted up in a safe vehicle
  • Sustainable – only when you have to

All attendees will receive a range of electronic resources, including slides, film clips and links to advice and information, plus a free hard-copy pack of posters and leaflets. They will also get a free year’s membership to Brake Professional, providing free guidance and tools for road safety professionals, and road safety research from around the globe.

Dave Nichols, professional engagement officer at Brake said, ‘Road crashes are the biggest cause of disability and death among young people. It is vital that we reach young people, whether or not they are drivers themselves, before it’s too late. This course provides tools to help trainers to make a real impact and end the carnage on Northern Ireland’s roads; I urge anyone who wants to act to keep young people safe to attend.’